Ruthless Is Reality

Feat. Brotha Broski, Icee B

[ D-Loc ]

Step aside, fly, D-Loc's got a posse

I'm in the house with the young Brotha Broski

Along with me is Icee B

And my homie Dubble-R makes the shit complete

Today we got a message that we wanna kick

It's legit but on the ruthless tip

So like this, in the place to be

I'd like to introduce the young Brotha Broski

[ Brotha Broski ]

Walkin through the streets

The crime rate still stands to be, held in a cell with no release

Seven counts of crime, the prime suspect

Dialect identifies a brother, that's with lyrics

But those that oppose to this, then immediately

Pump a muthafucka just to prove I'm soon to be

The leader, so follow the proceedures of thee

Impossible, unstoppable, undefeatable Brotha Broski

Is runnin and gunnin suckers down, well, let me catch my breath

Because you ain't heard nothin yet

You know I'ma blow because I ain't no joke

Proceed with caution when approachin a criminal

I'm strictly equipped, the vocab is kept stunnin

Many words will impress, huh, so yo, I keep em comin

As I step out with the bailor, move towards the door

Slammin behind me, 'Yo man, what you in for?'

A murder beef, see? And that oughta prove to any fool

Don't step up - and that goes for you

Be true to the game and the game will be true to you

Man, I ain't playin, I'm with the ruthless school

See, it's simple and plain, no need for me to deny, you see

Face the facts that ruthless is reality

( *DJ Daryl cuts up* )

(Ruthless is the way to go, they know)--> Dr. Dre

Ruthless is reality

[ D-Loc ]

Hey yo, my main man Dubble-R - step to em, man

[ Richie Rich ]

It's a late night, and everybody's as