If you had an empty suitcase
I'd help you to pack it tight
and if you were afraid of darkness
Well I'd stay 'til it was light

And if you were a super model
well I would help you lift your bags
I'd push those paparazzi's over
so you could get inside your cab

If you found your toothpaste empty
I would squeeze out just a little more
and if you had the sweetest victory
I'd high five you 'til our hands were sore

and if you were scared and worried
well i would keep you safe and sound
and if you were addicted to fabric
well you could fill a whole room in our house

If we climbed the highest tree top
and you said you couldn't climb back down
well i would build the finest tree house
for our new life above the ground

and when you smile at me so sweetly
well I love what happens in your eyes
and they open up to me my darling
and its all I need and its all right

Oh I have got a thousand reasons
for you to come away with me
the more I look the better you seem
and I hope that in your heart you see

Oh because I believe, that you, are all I want
oh 'cause I believe, that you and, I belong.