As if gods and devils play out their schemes on Earth
Throughout time men respond to their call
Story of the God, the beast and the fools between
Forever! Never seems to be a way out for humanity
We live as we shall surely fall
Creator: no longer need for him – outlived his functionality
We should live as if we were the It and the All
Prayers for solace never helped a thing
Playing our sensibilities – God never prevented tragedy
He lives in the fear of us all
We’re made in the eyes of God they say – loved and watched by the perfect deity
We’re the living testament to his fallibility
Plain to see – God ran off from his responsibility
Plain to see – He let the demons run rampantly
Plain to see – We repeat our faults throughout history
Plain to see – It’s time we took our place as successors to be
The pains of the world constructed to make us seek his mercy
The plan is to bend every being into conformity
The stars, they call for us
The universe outside implores us
Time to depart this wretched Earth
Time to leave…
Fools between