Try not to break us down
This is our time, this is our source
To break this line with no remorse
And everything you said, take it back
And be the victim for the last time now

Thinking back on every little thing you said
you said that everything was fine
But now as time is getting older
Sometimes it's hard to show
what we feel inside

Don't save your breath for me
We'll take it down a notch
Just let me calm myself
Let's just reset the speed
(stop no take it away!)
so we can finally score

Save some sugar for me
I got your number
Try not to break us down
It's our time
Save some sugar for me
Show me what you got
Try not to break us down

Don't you like when I mess up like you do?
Won't you like when I wreck everything in my sight
The ghost that appears from the ashes is yours
I swear this is dead.