It all stems back to those medieval times
Tales of women songs and rhymes
Today its all the same wear your clothes with pride
Take it from me we're on the same side
Boots and braces you're hair cut neat
The number one target for the Boot Boy elite
They can all see that oppression can't win
Cause in their eyes we're hell bent to win

We'll fight like soldiers, warriors with pride
Troops of today, martyrs in our time

Proud of our dress, proud of our colors
United we stand out amongst others
See us in force on a Saturday night
Always ready if they start a fight
You know what to do when they show you oppression
Put in the boot with all your aggression
Down the cells when your in for a kicking
So fucking hard your heart stops ticking

Cover up their own their always in the right
Soon forget the victim whos driven away in the night
The inquiry never sees the light of day
This ain't no way for a crime to be paid
Watch out for each other like a lion watches his pride
We all stick together side by side