Rise, one as chaos majesty
Entwined... shadow and fire
One to voice defiance
Legions heed
Zenith of light, Nadir of dark
Entwined... shadow and fire
Red flame, red sand, red dawn... Seth!

Hear suns demand
Wind shaped in words
Flow shifting sand
In tones of crimson rebirth

See stars aligned draped in flames
Rebellion divine, arise, reborn to reign

Rise, one as skein of all fates
Typhon... born from pyre
Stir halcyon, calm severe, winds between
Slithering exiled vehemence
Typhon... born from pyre
Resurrection, incarnation
Black rage, black storm, black god... Ascend!

Hear slaves harangue
Their defiant words
Shifting from divine to man
In tales returning to earth

What once was balance
Archaic serene
Hear storms advance
Song reborn unseen