Aim high, but shoot low
Our mission is to bring this monster down with one swift blow
Think fast, but move slow
None of my thoughts are intact staring back at the tracks on the trail on an angel

No one should ever be so young, slighted by the treason of your tongue
Because no the scene has played itself out and it wore me down as well
I can't dissipate without a fight
Because you were the first one in my life
To make me feel like I was more than what I am...

Your numbers' out of service, at least that's what they say
But I know that you've forgot about me and you'd like to keep it that way
In the morning I'll be leaving for home
And in 24 hours I'll be talking to you over the phone
I've got nothing to lose but myself
And I'm growing sick and tired of comparing you to everyone else
You fall through like the sand in a sieve
I need to know the answer because I'm hanging by a thread as it is

Word spreads fast around this town and they all know what's going down
I've only been here for a day but now I've got the update
It's rather clear that you moved on,
But all I need is just a notice
That it's over because you still occupy my mind

I've battled with this long enough
I should take the hint and realize that my lucks' run out
But this summers' so much hotter
And so do you get every year I travel back with hopes that I've found home...