The foul stench empowers you
as centuries of hatred wash over your soul
What was once pure and hopeful
has been murdered in a blinding fury
Simple mortal you cannot
fathom the gift that you are to receive::.
To murder without feeling,
to hate each abomination equally.

The smell of burning blood engulfs your senses
At last the weak shall be vanquished
once and for all!!!
To cleanse this world of all disease,
beginning with it's cancer
Total annihilation of earth
and man is Belial's final answer::.

Gouge & Tear at the flesh
that boasts of 'vanity'
Following an ancient belief
once known as Christianity

Soldiers of a higher cause,
you have been chosen by Belial
To cleanse this foul world
of the vermin known as man

Destroy without prejudice
care not the color of skin
Damned to always repeat themselves
condemned eternally by sin