You that slick ass kid, that politic and dash kid.
Turn a small investment into quick cash kid. hide
Your stash, mad, don't hardly laugh kid. hard cause'
The world done put you on your ass kid. run fast. the
Type the cops can't catch kid. numb, when you was
Young your mom and dad passed, then your world stopped ...
Like whiplash kid. you seen who was down when they turned
They backs kid. pay them no mind cats is bastards. fuck em.
do your thing baby. continue to shine.
Let it all hang. let it all hang baby.
Come and get it. you. the best. #1. that's why they hate.
They want your spot in the sun. make you vacate. come
And get it, bring it on.step to the plate. I'm the king. make room for me.
it's a god damn shame how those kids were adoring you,
Even though they knew you flushed crack down the urinal.
Role model, you was, it came as a shock to you. they don't
Wanna be like mike, they wanna sling rocks like you: a
"real nigga" from the hood, come and see, shake they hand.
Making them feel good putting cash in their little hands.
Was it a mistake you screwed their minds or was it your plan?
How could you ever throw this away?
step aside.
If you could see their eyes when you walk by ...hypnoitized.
They want into your life and you promised them the sky. they
Bought into your lie. your lie. your lie.