Conjugate The Verbs

She's on an unconscious mission to destroy you

Her reasons are a part of every scientific car

Permanent reasons, the kind that we love to break

And there's no doubt about it when there's everything at stake

That's the way it works

That's how that they want it

Conjugate the verbs

Get get your sass in the morning

When we were 12 or 22

Every day and night

They're runnin' the faucett

Excavate the urge

They're piling up in the closest

Substitute the words

They're already boring

Call the troops rehearsed

The first shot is a warning

When we were 12 or 22

When we were given Saturday

I think of all the things to you I wanted to say

But we are never yesterday

To blow another day

When we were 12 or 22