Count Sheep

She's got to love herself

Too bad the lens got in her way

Time changing off her head

So cut off your ears and issues

This conversation's done

We've covered heads she's covered tails

She's cut off her conscience son

Deep in your head and your still crying but you don't have the right

You take sides and spill it at the sink from the spite?

From the role of the honor and the gluttonous heap

You would use the whole barn up and you love to count sheep

So count sheep

This diamond's not for sale

A big advertisement in our heads

One lie won't tip the scale

For rich little beggars making big bets

They're out to mark the score

Fat cat's away dead mice decay

Recouching on the course

Awake in the bed and lay there crying but you don't have the right

Go on open your finger for another big bite

You run all kinds of red lights except the ones on the street

When you run out of exits you can always count sheep

So count sheep