Lyrics Equirhodont


Lar - Lar

After the long magic duel with Gryall, the ruler of the territory of Xar,

I found in his blood the Sign of Lar.

I knew, that Lar left in it a message, that only I can read.

Joyce overflown my Universe. But…

I see torns of mist, bloody mist,

jagged tongues of monsters,

and among them Lar totter,

now I can hear his voice:

Lar : „Powerful friend of mine,

son of my Ruler,

horrible things had happened.

When you were at the Monolith of Demons,

strange, powerful Forces never seen,

called up the curse darker than

Damnation itself !

Everything was decaying into dust,

everyone was turning into Monsters,

Life became Death.

The Death for us too,

for us Immortals.

Only you can bring us back !

Only you have the Power !

Zodacare, Zodacare, Grandiose Magus !

Only you know how !“

…and the Lar’s Sign dissolved,

message from Strangeness silenced.